Why / What is this?

This is because I needed an easy to access place to document solutions and store snippets/hacks for myself and people around me. Before, I mostly used gists1, other pastebins, and a bunch of repositories2 but it was a pain to search for stuff and provide documentation.

Nevertheless, this is still a very chaotic place where I dump arbitrary content I find useful. Some might also be useful to you; most won’t.

However, if you find serious flaws or have some valuable input for me, please feel free to contact me.

Who am I?

I’m a cs researcher and software engineer, currently working at
WU Vienna (Institute of Information Systems & New Media).
If you’re interested in contacting me about academic or research related topics, please use my work e-mail: olaf.lessenich _ at _ wu.ac.at.

In my free time I enjoy exploring my current city and its surrounding nature, books, chess (on a very sad amateur level), and most recently photography (also on a very amateur level).

As my professional workflow is entirely based on open-source software, I also enjoy contributing bugfixes or features to projects I use or follow.
See also software I use.


Olaf Lessenich

E-Mail: xai@linux.com
PGP-Key: 0x4827FEE1 D91D C541 CD27 0E2B 3086 D3CA C279 9261 4827 FEE1

Jabber: olaf.lessenich@jabber.xaitax.org
IRC: xaitax@libera (formerly: xaitax@freenode)

Mastodon: xai@chaos.social
Pixelfed: xai@pixelfed.social
Twitter: @OlafLessenich

  1. https://gist.github.com/xai/ 

  2. Many of the scripts mentioned here also maintained on GitHub: