In a previous post, I mentioned how to rate-limit Unix pipes.
But what can we do about other processes?


Trickle is a userland bandwith shaper that can be used to manage the bandwith usage of any userspace process (unless it is statically linked or setuid):

trickle -d 300 -u 300 firefox

starts firefox and limits it to 300 KB/s downstream and upstream.

Libvirt Virtual Machines

To limit the bandwidth usage of a whole virtual machine, we can use Libvirt’s QoS capabilities:

  <inbound average="300" peak="800"/>
  <outbound average="300" peak="800"/>

inside of the <interface> block of a virtual machine aims for an average bandwith usage of 300 KB/s with a maximum peak of 800 KB/s, each up- and downstream.

I mostly use this to upgrade one or more virtual machines in the background without disturbing other applications or video calls too much.